Listing & Marketing

Putting up a sign is simply not enough. Marketing is all about maximum exposure, so we are constantly challenging ourselves to find better and more efficient ways to reach every possible buyer or user for your property. Our marketing program utilizes multiple platforms with exposure to Millions of real estate contacts around the world. Now that’s value.

Lease Renewal

If you are considering a lease renewal, relocating your business, or just want to challenge your landlord to ensure you are getting a fair market deal, our Lease Renewal Program provides knowledge and leverage to the real estate process.  First, we perform a full scale market analysis to provide you with current market rates, vacancy, availabilities, trends and more. Next we organize a tour of the best available options to see if we can improve your location and operating efficiencies. Finally, if you do choose to stay put, we have created leverage and armed ourselves with valuable knowledge we can use when negotiating renewal terms with your current landlord.

Tenant Representation

Conflicts are prevalent in real estate.  In fact many of our competitors generate up to 30% of their gross revenues from property listings with institutional landlords and developers.  Where do their loyalties lie?  At Cypress we're committed to avoiding conflicts at all costs, by providing a dedicated real estate professional that truly has YOUR companies best interests in mind. Our Tenant Representation service will provide you with a real estate professional that specializes in your type of real estate, and will walk you through the process, while focusing on your goals, and identifying any conflicts that may arise along the way. Dual agency is a common conflict that can complicate the real estate process, but it can be identified and avoided if you are made aware of it by a professional.

Real Estate Investment

Cypress strategically invests in commercial real estate as a company and on behalf of our clients. If you are considering commercial real estate as an addition to your investment portfolio, please give us a call.